Freeware Tools for HCL Domino

The following freeware tools are also published one the HCL Domino Marketplace.

DSAK – Domino Swiss Army Knife

The free Domino Swiss Army Knife (DSAK, spelled De-Sack) loads as a small server add-in task on the HCL Domino Server. It adds some commands to help the system administrator perform daily tasks directly on the server console without using the Domino Administrator client.

Home page: DSAK – Domino Swiss Army Knife

Squirrel for Domino

Similar to squirrels gathering food like nuts, seeds, acorns and berries, this server program collects email messages from Internet mail servers (IMAP and POP3) and forwards them to the HCL Domino server.

Home page: Squirrel for Domino

JAddin Java Framework

The free and open-source JAddin framework acts as a thin and easy to use layer between the HCL Domino RunJava task and your Java application code. It helps you to create Java server tasks by freeing you to learn all the HCL Domino add-in specifics, such as message queue handling, thread creation, communication with the console, resource cleanup, etc.

Home page: JAddin for Domino